Our relationship with RedDeerGames goes back to before the website even opened, with them supporting us back when The Elite Institute was just a stream. They have since grown in leaps and bounds, releasing titles at such a rate that we are now unable to provide individual reviews for everything.

Considering the vast majority of their titles are both cheap and fun, we will be running a feature at the end of each month taking a look at a small handful of the games that released that month, along with our impressions and some footage to help see if it’s for you. 

Cascadia Games | 238 MB | €7.99


This is actually the second game in the Ammo Pigs series, which I only found out about whilst searching for details on the game. Don’t worry though, as the Ammo Pigs lore is hardly deep. The year is 2049 and humanity is long dead – yet pigmanity is very much alive and well. As a gun toting pig, you need to work your way around the levels saving trapped pigs from the slaughterhouse AI and get to the exit.

It’s a very arcadelike action platformer experience, with saved pigs netting you bonus points that can be spent on weapon upgrades that can help you progress further. Everything controls pretty fluidly and there are some neat enemy designs here, including a walking sawblade that flies away and explodes after death. There’s not a huge amount of variety on offer, with levels basically boiling down to exploration using many elevators as you search for switches that turn off one of the electrical barriers blocking your progress, but it’s still a fun gameplay loop regardless. There are purchasable upgrades too, but those are a little lacklustre since you’re offered the exact same upgrades at every weapon station – and there’s only one worth buying anyway.

Ammo Pigs may not have the most amount of depth in the world, but the tight controls, short levels, and interesting enemies make it a fun game to play for a quick burst of entertainment. If you’re a fan of arcade action platformers, grab it on a sale and give it a shot.

2 Stupid Devs | 1.594 GB | €12.99


RedDeer released two Tower Defence games this month: Broken Universe, and Space Raiders in Space. As someone who doesn’t really care for the genre (outside of the phenomenal Rock of Ages games), I opted to cover the latter due to its gorgeous artstyle.

The presentation, first of all, is absolutely stellar; whether it’s in-game, cutscenes, or even just the menu, everything looks like a playable comic. The story is also suitably pulpy, detailing a pleasant relationship between the humans and the bugs which goes south for unknown reasons – leaving our protagonists to defend themselves.

There’s a bunch of different levels and environments on offer here, but they all play out in a very similar way. You have to defend yourself against waves of Starship Trooper style bugs, trying to survive. You can choose to attack with various weapons, defend, or cower – which all depends on the situation. Guns are effective at a distance but break, whereas melee gives you the option to parry but you place yourself in harms way. Between waves you can scour for resources, set traps, and so on.

It may appear different to other games in the genre, but in reality it doesn’t do anything vastly different other than its presentation – but that alone is probably enough to warrant a purchase for Tower Defence enthusiasts. Whilst I did encounter a bug in the tutorial which forced me to reset (as can be seen in the footage below), I encountered no other issues beyond that.

The gameplay isn’t likely to win over anyone who isn’t already a fan of the Tower Defence genre, but it still has a fun gameplay loop and top notch presentation.

Hello There Games | 147 MB | €9.99


She Wants Me Dead is a bit of an unusual title, as it’s a musical and gameplay collaboration with fast gameplay working alongside the song by CAZZETTE vs AronChupa with the same name. The aim is to work your way through ten levels laced with fiendish traps for you to navigate,all of which move to the beat of the music.

It aims to be along the same lines as Super Meat Boy, but it’s not quite as effective – mainly because you’re not quite able to just run through the level without stopping, which leads to it feeling a little less satisfying to pull off by comparison. That being said, the game is a lot of fun and the music track is really catchy too.

To top things off, there are a ton of unlocks that you can spend your points on that kit your character up in various outlandish gear. From dresses to knight helmets, you can make your dude look as stupid as you want. Aside from unlocks, points can be spent on extra lives to help you reach the end of the stage. Levels aren’t too long though, and there are frequent checkpoints, so you’re probably best off saving your points for clothes unless you run out of lives close to the goal.

This one is my pick of this month’s selection. With excellent music and well crafted gameplay, it’s an addictive experience. It may not be quite as satisfying as some of the best splatformers, but fans of the genre will want to grab this one for sure.

Beyondthosehills | 501 MB | €9.99

reky | Programas descargables Nintendo Switch | Juegos | Nintendo

To cap things off, we have a puzzle game in the form of reky. I won’t lie, trailers and screenshots left me confused as to what the hell is actually going on – but that’s partly due to the Escher-esque visuals that give the game its striking look. In actuality, the concept of the game is rather simple and one that’ll click within minutes of playing.

Controlling a little black dot, you need to follow the path to the end portal. Movement is done on an isometric plane, and you’ll need to manipulate coloured blocks in order to get to the goal. Different coloured blocks move in different directions, but your dotty friend can absorb the colour and place it in other cubes. It’s a bit like Q.U.B.E., for those who have played that game. Stages look pretty complicated, but most of it is purely just to make things look fancy and don’t form any part of your actual route.

It’s a pretty fun puzzle game with a load of levels to play through. Controls are decent for the most part, even if switching between coloured blocks can feel a little bit fiddly. There’s no time pressure though, so it’s hardly enough to ruin the experience.

Whilst the gameplay gimmick isn’t the most unique one out there, it still offers a relaxing puzzle experience with its lo-fi music and visual style. It probably won’t win over anyone who isn’t a puzzle enthusiast already, but worth grabbing for those who are.

And so ends our first RedDeer Roundup! Hope you enjoyed this little look at the array of titles released this month by Red Deer Games.

Stay tuned next months for astronautical dogs and the return of the AAA clock amongst more offerings in November!