So many games, and so little time to cover them all!  

Between the site’s scheduling and the amount of great looking indie titles releasing every month, there sometimes just isn’t time to shine a detailed spotlight on every single one of them. As such, our QuickShot reviews are designed to provide smaller bitesized reviews on a few other releases along with some footage of it in action!

Shipwreck Escape really does what it says on the tin. Playing primarily as the croupier on a luxury cruiser that crashed on its way to Dubai from Athens, you need to make your way from the bottom of the ship to the top. You’re not alone, however, as you soon meet another woman trying to escape who you’ll team up with in order to overcome the game’s obstacles, and there are also some rich asshole passengers stuck on board too that you can save if you like. Considering these bastards are pretty ungrateful for your help, I generally left them to drown.



The gameplay is pretty simple to get to grips with: despite the 3D look, the game plays as a 2D level-based puzzle game that has you navigating various rooms over a series of floors trying to reach the exit. Your way will typically be blocked by fire, steam, electrical hazards, or just plain locked doors, so you need to find out how to get around them. Usually this involves simply finding the relevant key, valve, or switch connected with it; however, this is made slightly tricky by often requiring the use of character switching or navigating through ventilation shafts.

It’s a relatively straightforward game that starts out quite pleasing, but the long levels means that it does start to get repetitive the more you play it. That’s not to mean that it isn’t fun though, as the rising water level in each stage really helps up the excitement factor as you run around trying to escape before you drown. Alternate difficulty levels affect the speed in which it rises, but even on the easiest difficulty you’ll find that the lurking threat helps to keep things exciting.

Solving basic puzzles whilst trying not to drown is surprisingly more fun than I had expected, but the combination of long levels and small number of gameplay obstacles also means that this one is best played in small doses. If the game looks like your type of game, then I’d definitely recommend it as there certainly is fun to be had in this watery puzzler.