Another week packed full of releases on the Nintendo e-shop, and we’re here to curate the ones that show a lot of promise.

You won’t find shovelware, asset-flips, and rarely even big AAA releases; instead, we’ll be focusing on indie titles that may very well pass you by. They may not all end up being winners, but they certainly look like they could be worth keeping an eye on. Heck, we may even review some of them right here on the site.

So sit back with a cuppa, and check out our curated list of titles coming over the course of this next week.



no one lives under the lighthouse

marevo collective | puppet combo | €11.99 

The previous lighthouse keeper has gone missing without a trace and you are the newest keeper tasked with keeping the lighthouse lit every night. Keep your sanity from slipping on this desolate rock in the middle of the ocean, and don’t give in to hallucinations. Let it be a calming reminder that it’s just you here, because No One Lives Under the Lighthouse.

A PS1 horror game published by Puppet Combo? You know I’m all over this. With its brooding atmosphere and Lovecraftian vibes, expect to see a full review of this when it releases on the 18th.



911: cannibal

17studio | €3.99 

In this horror game you are a kidnapped teenager. Maniac – cannibal keeps you in his creepy house. Hide and search items that can help you find a way out of the scary place and survive the nightmare. Solve puzzles to get to inaccessible places. And do not forget about attentiveness – you need to carefully cover up your tracks so that the maniac does not suspect anything.

On the same day, we have another horror game, and this one is super cheap coming in at less than four euros. That could mean it’s either terrible or short, but for that price it’s worth a punt. The trailer certainly offers an intriguing blend of puzzles whilst escaping your captor.



nightmare reaper

blazing bit games | feardemic | €29.99 

A dark and violent meld of retro and modern action games, inspired by the classic 2.5D first-person shooters of the 90s, with elements of modern looter shooters and roguelites.
Intense and addictive gameplay
Tons of enemies are crammed in open-ended levels full of surprises, geysers of blood, and treasure.

A boomer shooter that offers 80 weapons, a soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult, and lots of fast pace action? Count me in! The price tag seems a little high, so may be worth waiting on reviews beforehand. We’ll certainly try our best to cover it.



bio prototype

bd games | €3.99 

When you woke up, you realized that you have been transformed into a monster.
A wave of irrational experimentation rushes towards you.
Hurry up and mutate! evolution! Become scarier monsters than them!
Use flesh and blood to bloom a way of survival! 19 characters, more than 40 kinds of organs, and endless build combinations!

Whilst this appears to be another Vampire Survivors style game as you take on endless swarms whilst getting stronger, this one seems to offer a unique spin as to how you actually upgrade. The mutation and upgrade tree seems like it may help make it stand out from other games in the genre.



battle kid: fortress of peril

sivak games | 8 bit legit | €9.36 

Navigate through the various sectors of the fortress and battle its denizens while avoiding its many dangers in this authentic 8-bit retro gem!

Along the way, you will uncover items that will allow progress to new locations of the fortress and grant you new abilities.

Do you have what it takes to overcome the perils that lie ahead–or is the island doomed?

We covered this in our most recent review, so make sure that you check it out here.

So that’s our picks for the following week. Do any of these pique your interest? Will you be buying any?

Let us know down below in the comments.