With so many titles on the Nintendo e-shop, buying everything you want can be a tad overwhelming at times.

That’s why we’re scouring the weekly sales to bring you the best of the bunch. We’re talking good games, deep sales, and the lowest prices that they’ve ever been. Whilst we may not have reviewed (or even played) them all, we aim to pick out the ones that you may find interesting. And at these prices, you can’t go far wrong!


Game Genre Sale Price Percentage Discount Sale End Date
Heart&Slash Roguelite Brawler €2.09 85% 21st May
Oxide Room 104 Horror €8.74 65% 21st May
Steamroll: Rustless Edition Ball Roller €2.99 70% 21st May
Kero Blaster 2D Platformer €2.97 70% 6th June
Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale Puzzle €0.99 86% 31st May
Apocryph: An old-school shooter Boomer Shooter €5.99 50% 1st June
Work It Out! Job Challenge Party Games €3.36 70% 11th June
Overcooked! All You Can Eat Co-op Party €15.99 60% 13th June
Worms WMD Turn Based Warfare €5.99 80% 13th June
A Hat In Time – Ultimate Edition 3D Platformer €16.99 50% 21st May
Slay the Spire Deckbuilder €9.99 60% 21st May
The Wild at Heart Pikmin-ish Strategy €12.49 50% 21st May
Void Bastards: DeLUXe Bundle FPS Space Survival €9.89 70% 21st May
Wandersong Musical Adventure €4.99 75% 21st May
One Step from Eden MMBN-style Roguelite €7.99 60% 21st May
Screencheat: Unplugged FPS Multiplayer €1.67 86% 13th June
Vostok Inc Clicker / Space Combat €2.99 80% 29th May
Horror Tales: The Wine Walking Horror Sim €3.74 75% 31st May