With so many titles on the Nintendo e-shop, buying everything you want can be a tad overwhelming at times.

That’s why we’re scouring the weekly sales to bring you the best of the bunch. We’re talking good games, deep sales, and the lowest prices that they’ve ever been. Whilst we may not have reviewed (or even played) them all, we aim to pick out the ones that you may find interesting. And at these prices, you can’t go far wrong!


Game Genre Sale Price Percentage Discount Sale End Date
Mortal Kombat 11 Fighter €12.49 75% 25th May
Shu 2D Platformer €0.99 88% 16th June
Pill Baby Beat em Up €3.75 75% 15th June
Star Horizon Rail Shooter €0.99 90% 31st May
Broken Mind FPS €4.99 50% 7th June
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition Management Sim €10.49 65% 7th June
BIT.TRIP Collection Rhythm Games €2.99 70% 18th June
Potata: Fairy Flower Puzzle Platformer €2.15 82% 7th June
Parasite Pack Misc €3.49 50% 28th May
Remote Life Shmup €8.99 50% 28th May
Limbo 2D Platformer €0.99 90% 11th June
Inside 2D Platformer €1.99 90% 11th June