Another week packed full of releases on the Nintendo e-shop, and we’re here to curate the ones that show a lot of promise.

You won’t find shovelware, asset-flips, and rarely even big AAA releases; instead, we’ll be focusing on indie titles that may very well pass you by. They may not all end up being winners, but they certainly look like they could be worth keeping an eye on. Heck, we may even review some of them right here on the site.

So sit back with a cuppa, and check out our curated list of titles coming over the course of this next week.



death or treat

saona studios|perpetual europe|€24.99 

Recently, the Halloween spirit is missing and GhostMart may be on the brink of bankruptcy. Clark Fackerberg, founder of FaceBoo! has started to distribute Storyum: a drug that absorbs the will and hope for Halloween from the inhabitants of HallowTown. Now, with the purpose of restoring the spirit of Halloween and his trade, Scary must destroy FaceBoo! and its 3 divisions; Darkchat, Deviltube and RipTok

Whilst I’m not a fan of 2D Action Roguelikes like this (sorry Dead Cells fans!), I can’t deny that the gorgeous visuals make this one look like a real banger. I probably won’t end up getting this one myself, but I’d certainly say t’s worth keeping an eye on!




pineapple works | €19.99 

Go from launching small rockets on Earth to eventually building a colony on Mars. Create your own Internet constellation, develop new technologies, supply the International Space Station and terraform Mars!

You will have to develop better and better rockets, fight for contracts with competitors and grow your business to achieve success. Grow your capital, assemble rockets, capsules and satellites and dominate the Space Industry.

A family friendly management game that focuses on launching lots of rockets and spacecraft. It had me at management game, but this looks to be relaxing fun!



chaos galaxy

2p games | eastasiasoft | €19.99 

The great Galactic Empire, which had ruled the galaxy for one thousand years, collapsed under the sudden impact of alien contact and fell into civil war. Many heroes with their own motivations have since set out to conquer the three thousand worlds of the galaxy. In the background of this chaos, a greater threat of annihilation lurks.

A strategic space game for all those strategy game fans out there. I may not be big on the genre, despite trying many, but I like the spritework of this one enough to feature it. If you’re into the genre, this looks like a pretty cool title.



risky woods

piko int | QUByte int | €9.99

Fortunately, you – the young warrior Rohan – have arrived to deliver justice to the evil hordes. With weapons in hand you must enter the risky woods and free the monks from their petrified captivity. Only when you’ve set the monks free and sent Draxos back to hell will wisdom be restored for good.

I honestly can’t say I have any nostalgia for this Mega Drive game, but it seems to have a pretty positive reputation. This could be one of those hidden gems for the console that is being given a second life on the Switch.

So that’s our picks for the following week. Do any of these pique your interest? Will you be buying any?

Let us know down below in the comments.