Well this was a lovely surprise. A few month’s ago, we were treated to the festive ToyBox Christmas game, which offered a Save Room style experience, albeit with you rearranging Christmas presents instead of weaponry. It seemed like a small little treat for the holiday season, and I honestly didn’t expect anything more from it than that.

But now Easter has rolled around, and the same development team has offered us ToyBox Easter! Whilst it may look very similar to the prior game, it offers a whole new load of puzzles for you to solve.

What an Easter treat!

Many thanks to the publisher for the review code.

For those familiar with the previous title, or this style of puzzle game is general, the general structure of this game should come as no surprise. As an Inventory Management puzzle game, you’ll be given a set amount of space and you need to drag the differently-shaped objects inside s that they all fit. It’s very much like ToyBox Christmas except this one has objects that are (mostly) related to Easter, such as Rabbits, hatching chicks, flowers, and so on. There are some questionable objects now and then that seem to have been brought over from the Christmas version of the game, such as the train and the candle, but they’re generally forgivable as they help add to the variety and don’t detract from the overall theming all that much.


Whilst it make look like ToyBox Christmas, however, don’t go into it thinking it is nothing but a simple reskin. The game consists of 39 brand new levels for you to tackle, and they start off surprisingly quite challenging very early on. Usually these games ease you in over the first dozen or so stages to get you used to how things work, but I found myself having to think carefully about positioning only a few stages in. If you’re really struggling with a puzzle, you can choose to skip it and return to it later, which I found was a nice touch to stop you from ever feeling like you’ve hit a roadblock and can continue enjoying more puzzles.

The difficulty is not necessarily a bad thing though, especially with the low number of stages, as it allows for those familiar with the genre to jump in and enjoy it right from the get-go. It’s not a difficult concept to get to grips with, especially as there’s no way to rotate objects, so jumping into the deep end early on makes the game more enjoyable as a result. Whilst I do wish that there was a little bit more added depth to the puzzling, it’s also engaging enough to keep you interested.

For a budget puzzle title, the game does a good job at providing some fun puzzles with a simple, yet pleasing presentation. The only real problem, as is often the case with these games, is that they can be a bit fiddly to control using a controller. Using the cursor to pick up and place objects feels rather awkward, and feels far inferior to playing the game in handheld mode – which is instantly intuitive and satisfying to use.

Toybox Easter offers some great new Inventory Management puzzles for you to conquer with an Easter theming. Whilst I still wish that you could rotate objects for some added depth, the difficulty has definitely seen an increase since the last game. Sure, it won’t take you very long to finish, but if you want an enjoyable and relaxing puzzler to keep you busy over the Easter Weekend, then this is a perfect choice.